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Newspaper article - CD release:

Reutlinger Generalanzeiger 
April 26th, 2012
CONCERT - The soprano Christine Reber has "dug up" Bruno Droste's songs and filled an album with them.
A Discovery

STUTTGART. The best visited concert on Tuesday evening was at Bix Jazzclub, when Christine Reber gave her CD-Presentation concert "Rediscovered. Songs by Bruno Droste." 
The Reutlingen-born soprano Christine Reber, who completed her classical vocal training in Freiburg and New York has already been able to celebrate great success in her professional career internationally as well as in her home town, has dared to tread upon the as yet unknown terrain of entertainment music.

In the United States she ran into the forgotten composer Bruno Droste (1918-1969) and was helped by his widow Doris Marion to assemble together what was still to be found of his manuscripts and scores. The album that came forth (Sounds of RMR) contains 14 titles. "Up to the last disc, says Christine Reber, it was a long, interesting, adventuresome trip."
Droste grew up in Erfurt and with his dance string orchestra was the best in his style of music in the DDR during the 50's. When he nevertheless went over to the West in 1958, because he felt constrained by the socialistic Kulturpolitik, his work - over 100 songs and countless orchestra pieces - went into the shredder and disappeared from the radio. With his American wife he began to re-establish his career in Brussels and New York, yet he died much too early at the age of 51.
In the well-suited club atmosphere of Bix, his compositions, with their light nostalgic charm, flowed wonderfully. Unspent melodies and rhythmic variety - rumba, musette, blues, ballads and "beat," that go the one's toes - to straight-forward texts in German, English, French, above all about love.

Christine Reber had as accompanying combo four fantastic (jazz-) musicians: Harald Lierhammer on piano, Mini Schulz (double bass), Klaus Marquardt (violin) and Jörg Gebhardt (drums). She herself surprised through vibrant colours in her voice, that one has not heard in her classical repertoire. And with that was transported melancholy, high spirits, bloom, and sparkle. No question: the pleasing sound of her soprano and her profound singing technique suited the light muse outstandingly. (can)
picture: Markus Niethammer
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